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Getting Started - Purchasing Your Own Home

February 27th, 2020 2:15 PM by Patrease Leonard

SBR Realty LLC has been assisting first time buyers with their real estate needs since 2008.  During that time, we have been able to assist 100's of renters become owners.

Every client is different, their needs will change based on where they started from - what does not change, is the need.

It will be overwhelming when you first get started, with the right tools and support team, success is within reach. Purchasing a home is  a process, so before you get started, here are a few suggestions.

1. Understand your income and expenses:

Our net income (after taxes), is our starting point, second, is what we spend every month, (rent, groceries, take out, entertainment, clothing, gas, insurance, cell phones, etc..)  

2. Make a budget:

Tech savvy? There are plenty of budget tools online, but lets start free.  If you have Microsoft office products on your computer or a gmail account, you have access to an excel spreadsheet. 

A quick format to create is below:

Expenses January (Spent)Budget For Future Months
Car Note$250.00$250.00
Cell Phone$235.00$235.00

Start with 2 months, jot down every item that you spent money on in the previous month. Review what you spent, how much money was remaining and began to jot down, items you can afford to 'not spend' money on monthly.

3. Know Your Why and When:

Understand why you want to purchase a home. Just looking at houses and calling around, and going to open houses is not beneficial, if you are not prepared to purchase.  What will be the benefits to you becoming a homeowner?  Jot that down! Will you be buying in 6 months? Does your lease expire soon? 

4. Contact a SBR Realty Real Estate Agent, to help you get the ball rolling

We'll dive in deeper into what you can expect working with an agent, but for now... put that on your list!

5. The Reality Check:

You will feel overwhelmed.  You will feel uninformed.  You will not know what to do.  This is normal.  Your agent, will know how to guide you on this journey.  This process takes time, but can go at a very quick pace.  Ask questions, keep in mind your why and dont' be afraid to ask questions. Our agents care about helping you reaching your goal of becoming a homeowner.

If you have questions about becoming a homeowner, or how to get started, contact SBR Realty LLC at (609)392-0600 or  


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